EAR (a.k.a. the Editicalu ArchLinux Repository)


This repo contains most of my AUR packages in precompiled form. Some of them (especially nordselect) take a very long time to compile. If you trust me enough to run my binaries on your PC, you're good to go!

Some packages in this repo

You can run pacman -S --list ear to list all available packages.

How to install

Automatic Installation

Someday, there might be a script here.

Manual Installation

  1. Add the following to your /etc/pacman.conf

    SigLevel = Required
    Server = https://ear.wardsegers.be/$arch
  2. Trust the key

    pacman-key --lsign-key ear@wardsegers.be

Delete the repository

To delete the repo, go to /etc/pacman.conf and delete the [ear]-section that you've added before.


If you have any questions about the repository, contact me at w at rdsegers dot be